Trilakes Trail Tournament Rules - 2023

To download a copy of these rules, go to the Resources page and click on the 2023 info packet.

1) These are the rules. Any decisions will be made by the director(s) and will be final.

2) Tournaments will begin January. Membership dead line is Saturday March 18th. Note, however, that teams entering on this date will have to fish all remaining tournaments to qualify for the fish off.

3) A team will consist of 2 people, but 1-man teams will be allowed. However, if a 1-man team has no partner by the dead line he or she must continue by his or herself. TWO substitutes are allowed (but not with another team member.) There are a total of 10 tournaments and a 2-day fish off. Teams must fish at least 7 tournaments to qualify for the fish off.

4) This trail will be open to anyone, as long as they become a member. No member will be allowed to fish if that person or persons have been disqualified or banned from any other tournament or club.

5) ABSOLUTELY NO drugs or alcohol will be allowed. Possession of alcohol will result in disqualification. All boats are subject to inspection at any time.

6) ABSOLUTELY NO live bait or trolling will be allowed.

7) All TWRA laws are to be followed. Any team that receives a citation from a TWRA or TVA agent during tournament hours must match their citation fee to the trail for the fish off pot.

8) There is a 5 fish limit per team. Any team with more than 5 bass in their live well at weigh in time will be disqualified for that tournament. Creel limit per person is per boat.

9) All fish will be measured on a golden rule, with mouth closed and sweeping the tail. Length requirements are as follows: (LAKE RULES APPLY)

10) All fish must be brought to the scales in a weigh in bag or be disqualified & no points awarded. All fish will be released except those kept for mounting.

11) There is to be no fishing 12 hours before tournament hours the day of each tournament at that tournament lake.

12) Teams are not allowed to come in contact with one another after tournament begins.

13) Protest Rule: Any team may protest another team. The protesting team must post a $100 cash bond with the tournament director(s). At that time the accused team will be asked to either take a polygraph test or have an observer assigned to their boat. This will be the director(s)' choice. If the accused team is found guilty or refuses to cooperate, this team will be barred indefinitely from this trail. However, if the accused team is found innocent they will receive the $100 cash bond from the protesting team.

14) Every team will be issued a numbered chip. Numbers will be issued according to your registration number; this will be your number for the entire year. Ease off will be groups of five; your registration determines your ease off position. It is important to get registered as soon as possible. All chips must be turned in by 10 minutes after each tournament deadline or your team will forfeit that day's catch.

15) Tournament director(s) reserve the right to refuse anyone for any reason they see fit.

16) All teams are asked to be courteous to each other and to have fun.